Table Osaka - for Next Art and Culture


Table Osaka is an organization for art and culture, which was founded in 2015 by the members working in the contemporary art field in Kansai region, Japan.

The aim of it is to refine and improve our lifestyle by creating and offering a "table" for art and culture where people can establish cultural ties with one another.  

We are usually moving in the scenes of contemporary arts, but have also started to step forward to other fields such as food, clothing and shelter, for we think it very important to examine the possibility of blending art and other universes and ,as a result, to revitalize them, creating a climate favorable to the development of art and culture.

Table Osaka is a new sort of comfortable table for a chat or conversation, for a lunch or dinner, or for work and play. We hope we will pass our contents down the following generations successfully, and that in the future they could search them as one of the archival materials of our age.  








Table Osaka Office

Kyo Bldg. 4F, 1-17-8 Kyomachibori Nishi-ku Osaka 550-0003 Japan